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Alamos, at dusk, seen from atop Mt. Alamos, is one of many views from high ground.

The Alamos digital database tops 600 gigs. This includes 1,200 slides that have been scanned for quality reproduction. There are three 30 minute videos of spring, summer and winter. These films are being incorporated into a set of dvds.

This website demonstrates using the database for web site content.

Anders would like to design a book of his photographs. Many of his photographs would make powerful art prints. Graphic products could include cards, clothing, calendars et. al. Anders is looking for people who would like to help him bring these products alive and to the marketplace.

DVDs currently in beta-testing

This is a 3 DVD set including Summer & Winter, Spring and Slideshows - 16mm films.

Contents of the DVDs

01… Slideshows and Films
Slideshows… Out in Nature, Floods, Gas and Bus Station, Alameda Action, Inside and Outside the Mercado, Aduana, Views from Surrounding Mountains, Ruins, Plaza at Night, People at Night, Streets at Night, Tianges, Mirador, Palacio, Schools, Church, Cemetery, Walking in Barrios, Working in Barrios, Playing in Barrios, Barrio Casas, Portraits of Artists, Folks and Children.

FilmsNight Dance: featuring Dusk, Mirador, Plaza, Posada and Alameda… Driving: Single frame animation powers drives through Alamos… Estancia Crysalis: Slideshows edited into video shorts of a ranch just outside of town.

02… Summer and Winter Videos
Summer… Plaza featuring Sunrise, Estudiantina, School Kids Parade, TV Concert in the Bandstand… Horse Day Celebration, Rodeo Concert,
and Arroyo Party… Lightning, Teddy Sings, Palacio-Government and Jumping Beans… Rain featuring Night Scenes, Approaching Storm, Flood Waters, Singing in the Rain, Storm Passing… Visit to the Museum, Cobblestone and Fiber-optics, Garden Visits.

Winter… Alamos Scenes, Pember Music, Walking, Alameda, History Photos, Plaza Wedding, Arroyos, Night Magic, Winter Gardens, Estudiantina at the Museum, Rio Cuchujaqui, Print Shop, Tianges Action, and Workers Working.

03… History and Spring Videos
History … A short history of Alamos written by Anders Tomlinson and narrated by Bruce Miles. Music by Estudiantina, Quartet de Alamos and ClaySonics.
Imagery features Anders Tomlinson photos in motion.

Spring Videos … Walking With the Dead, Indian Day, Crucifixion Reenactment, Airport, Driving Textures, Walking Tianges, Alameda Alive, Plaza Activities, Garden Scenes and Two Drives.

Clips from these DVDs began being posted on this site April 12, 2010.

In May 2011, a second wave of video editing will commence. This effort will be be shaped by the scene writing and script development that began in January 2011 with the Daily Journal. The completed DVDs will then be re-edited into a 90 minute film that looks at Alamos in this window of time that Anders visited.

A 90 minute film is an assemblage of 90 one minute scenes, this is the art of movie making.

The video clips that can be viewed here are short sequences, or scenes, that will be stitched together by narration to create longer projects: 24, 45, and 90 minute films. As the sequences – scenes are finished they will be posted for review on As background information, script copy and promotional concepts are written they too will be posted.

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