alamos, sonora, mexico seen fro atop sierra de alamos.  spring 1996.  photo by anders tomlinson

Álamos and surroundings seen from the Sierra de Álamos, spring 1996.

Take a Walk Back in Time
Here is a place that was an important stepping stone towards the settlment
of the southwest, including San Francisco, Monterey, Los Angeles, southern
Arizona and Sonora, Mexico

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An introduction to a Short History of Álamos, Sonora, Mexico.

“Here is something Special”, Spanish explorer Vasquez de Coronado noted
in 1540 as he headed north, passing by tall white rocks on Alamos de Sierra.
This is the opening chapter to “A Short History of Álamos” written, filmed
and edited by Anders Tomlinson. Narrated by Bruce Miles. Soundtrack by
SonicAtomics and Estudiantina de Álamos.

Álamos shares a strong maternal bond, steeped in history, with all the Southwest.

Juan Batista de Anza arrived and departed from Álamos in the spring of 1775
with silver, and local families, to settle “Monterey and the Californias”,
including San francisco. Another expedition, five years later, left Álamos
to settle Los Angeles.

The conclusion to a Short History of Álamos, Sonora, Mexico embraces the Sierra Madre.

Here, Bishop Reyes’ Cathedral in the Plaza, a three-tiered belfry, shines
gold in morning light. Here, looking east, one’s imagination is stirred
by the forbidding beauty of the Sierra Madre Occidentals. Together, they
shape the Álamos experience.

Álamos in 1983 3:03

Álamos, Sonora, México in 1983, Spring time, as seen by Anders Tomlinson via
black and white film. Music is “A New Dawn” by the “Dig Brothers” under
the musical direction of Denver Clay. Photos and editing by Anders Tomlinson.
It is warm and breezy.

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