Álamos nights are a magical time.

Álamos nights are a magical time

I just came across your website and enjoyed being transported back to Alamos.  I fell in love with the place and people during a spontaneous visit there for New Years a few years ago. I stayed at Jorge Alvarez’ sweet little hotel and danced in the Palacio.  Thanks for the images and sounds.

— Hazel Trego

Layers of paint are akin to layers of history.

Layers of paint are akin to layers of history

In response to ÁLAMOS HISTORY TIMELINE: 1700 – 1799

“I was looking at your Alamos timeline, and am curious about the statement for 1775:

March, April, May – de Anza continued recruiting in the villages of Sinaloa and El Fuerte in the Province of Sinaloa, and Álamos, in Sonora. 30 citizens from Álamos, more than any other community, had joined the expedition, now more than 250 soldiers and colonizers.”

From my research, I see that Anza was in Alamos for some period in May 1775, but it appears that the only Alamos citizens joining the 1775 expedition are Vicente Feliz, his wife and 6 children. A couple of other sources mention 1 or two other members who may be from Alamos, but I haven’t found any Calif. mission records or Alamos baptismal records to support those claims. Alamos was important as the place Anza got funds, supplies, and had to report his accounting of costs and expenses to.

The Rivera Expedition in 1781 had a much larger Alamos contingent. I haven’t added them up, but 30 seems like about the right number.

Also, FYI, apparently he referred to himself as “Anza”, not “de Anza” (when the Anza Nat’l park guy was here in Alamos a couple of years ago he told us this bit of info)

This is a great piece of work you have created here, pulling so many facts in Alamos history together! Thanks for all your work!

— Joan Powell

old rock wall in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson

Memories lasting as long as this wall

When I can no longer come here… 2-1-11

My, what a fabulous chronicle of life in Alamos!
The time and dedication you have put into this project warrants an award for the preservation of the vital story and history of this much-loved town. Your photos and clips should be required viewing for anyone who questions why we live here..
Please keep me on your mailing list for updates and release dates of your finished project. Some day when I can no longer come here, I want to have your collection to turn to so I can always experience Alamos the way I remember and love it! Many thanks for everything you have done and are doing!

— Sincerely;
Emily Preece
author: Over These Cobblestones – an – Álamos Sojourn

cat on door, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

Changes come and changes stay until they\’re gone

…and somehow Alamos is always Alamos… 2-20-11

Not too many of the people from THEN are here now.
(THEN refers to the times Anders filmed Alamos)

It really is a different look at Alamos also. The facade of the church is now beautifully lit with flood lights which are imbeded in the paving around the church. The tower and the Dome are lit from the interior with beautiful golden light. Who is paying for it I don’t know. It started during the Music festival and as of last night was still continuing.

The Alamada has been completely redone….the basket ball court removed and a poplar tree lined esplanade built in….antique green benches surround the whole area and it makes a wonderful eye “rest” in the middle of town.

The aforementioned basketball court has been moved to a Sports Arena at the entrance of town which also includes a soccer field, baseball, tennis courts and a proposed swimming pool. The next step is to create some sort of recreation center. With the administration changing every three years it is hard to complete a new project and each new “mayor” wants credit for his contribution.

The last mayor built an arch at the far west entrance to town with cactus gardens etc. It is actually 3 arches and lit with red white and green lights saying feliz viaja etc. etc. Originally it was a tannish color but now is a sort of lime green. Gives the locals some area to complain about.

The Municipal Palacio is flood lit with vertical colors of red, white, and green. Very strong.

So you see, you really need another look. We haven’t quite become Disneyland and are very beautiful and somehow Alamos is always Alamos.

— Beverly Krucek

Alamos, Sonora , Mexico seen from Red Cross Hill in the Summer. Photo by Anders Tomlinson

My Town Alamos – Mi Pueblo Alamos

Pre-hispanics need their dues… 2-3-11

Hi and thanks for sending it out Anders – it is very nice! one thing I have always wondered is why people always refer to Alamos as beginning when the Spaniards “founded” it! How about doing a part on pre-hispanics in honor of the 3 tribes that lived here before that – Mayos, Yaquis and Juarajios (spelling of that one is difficult)…just an idea! I’ve attached a poem I wrote about Alamos a couple of years ago. PS don’t know if you’ve ever visited my place, Casa de Maria Felix Inn and Museum, but come on over sometime! There’s some wonderful paintings, etc of Maria Felix!

My Town Alamos
Mi Pueblo Alamos

The arroyo winds its way around
The Alameda at the foot of town
And mountains climb majestically
In this place for you and me

El arroyo serpentea su camino
La Alameda al pie del pueblo
Y las montañas se erijen majestuosas
En este lugar para ti y para mi

And friendly people pass on by
Smiling and waving at you and I
And high above the white dove soars
On silent wings that can’t be heard

Y pasa la gente gente amigable
Sonriendo y saludando a ti y a mí
Y en lo alto la paloma blanca vuela
Con alas silenciosas que no pueden escucharse

Life is pleasant in this place
With the wind and sun gentle on your face
Birds, butterflies and bees fly free
Amongst the Mesquite and Palo Verde Trees

La vida es placentera en este lugar
Con el viento y el sol ligero sobre tu cara
Los pájaros, las mariposas y abejas vuelan libres
Entr los árboles de Mezquite y Palo verde

Swish, swish, swish it’s a steady beat
In the early morn when they sweep the streets
Roosters crow and burros bray
Welcoming you to another day

Ráspa, ráspa, ráspa con un ritmo estable
Temprano en la mañana cuando barren las calles
Cantan los gallos y rebuznan los burros
Dándole la bienvenida a un nuevo día

And the sound of music fills the air
Lifting the spirits of those who dare
To just enjoy being in this place
Where life moves at a slower pace

Y el sonido de la música llena el aire
Levantándo los ánimos de los que se atreven
A disfrutar simplemente de estar en este lugar
Donde la vida se mueve a un ritmo más lento

The days go by with not much worry
You can take life easy or be in a hurry
It’s your choice, it’s your wish
But I like it here just as it is!

Los días pasan sin preocupación
Puedes pasarla tranquilo o estar apurado
Es tu opción, es tu deseo
Pero a mi me gusta aqui tal y cómo es!

The other side’s not all that great
Filled with control, lust, greed and hate
Everyone rushing and going no where
No, I’d rather be here in the soft, warm air

El otro lado no es tan grandioso
Lleno de control, lujuría, avarícia y odio
Todos apurados sin ir a ningún lado
No, prefiero estar aquí donde el aire es suave y cálido

And enjoy Alamos just for what it is
Sure it’s not perfect but then what is?
But it’s softer and gentler and safer than most
So I raise my glass and to Alamos I toast!

Y disfrutar de Alamos por lo que es
Seguro que no es perfecto, pero hay algo que si?
Pero es mas suave, dulce y seguro que la mayoría
Asi que alzo mi copa y brindo por Alamos!

Thank you for being here when I needed this town
Thank you for giving me the joy I’ve found
Thank you for being different too
But mostly, thanks just for being you!

Gracias por estar aqui cuando necesitaba este pueblo
Gracias por darme la dicha que he encontrado
Gracias también por ser diferente
Pero aún mas gracias por ser solo tú.

Lynda de R Barondes, April 5, 2009
Traduccion de Roberto Salido, 6 de abril, de 2009

— Lynda Baronde

1684 was the official founding of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. Photo by Anders Tomlinson.

1684 was the Spanish official Fundacion of Alamos

Notes from a Historian

Congratulations on your photographic compilation of Álamos.The few pictures I see on your site are great and would like to know if you have more available to see online.I am really curious to know your historical sources and references. There are some points that you make that I would like to see for myself.I also noticed that you are giving credit to Levant Alcorn, who was the grandfather of two of my best friends, It is good to recognize one of the first American realtors in Álamos but it is also important to note that he was not the only one. If you are going to give credit to foreigners, why not give credit to those that really promoted Álamos in the West and East coast like Mr. Alvin Gordon and Mrs. Darley Fuller Gordon? Why not give credit to Mr. Richard J Elkus who made the first post WWII photographic compilation of Álamos and its people? I have researched the history of Álamos in great detail to the point that I have been at the “Archivo the Indias” in Valencia Spain and I can tell you that much of the history of Álamos from its foundation up to the early 1800s is there. If by any chance your historical source is from those files, could you share with me the location of the file/book? A big mistake I did when I visited the “Archivo de indias” was not to immediately upload my notes to my computer, I have since lost my note book and I am eagerly looking for people that might have that type of information.Once again, congratulations.

— Carlos Pratt

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