A 90 minute film is an assemblage of 90 one minute scenes,
this is the art of movie making.

The following short sequences, or scenes, will be stitched together by narration
to create longer projects: 24, 45, and 90 minute films. As the sequences –
scenes are finished they will be posted here for review. Currently,
these video clips are part of Good Morning Álamos Sonora México,
a three DVD set that looks at Álamos in the winter, spring and summer.

Let us start with an introduction to a Short History of Álamos, Sonora, Mexico.
“Here is something Special”, Spanish explorer Vasquez de Coronado noted
in 1540 as he headed north, passing by tall white rocks on Alamos de Sierra.
This is the opening chapter to “A Short History of Álamos” written,
filmed and edited by Anders Tomlinson. Narrated by Bruce Miles. Soundtrack
by AtomicSonics and Estudiantina de Alamos. To see more history visit
History videos.

Buckle-up as we take a super fast car ride through Alamos on a grey winter day.
Driving Across Álamos on an overcast December day starts at La Puerta
Roja Inn. We head east and circle the Plaza de Las Armas before heading
to the Panteon – Cemetery. We head back to La Puerta Roja exploring
different routes. The best way to travel is walking.
To see more winter scenes visit Holiday videos.

An occasional summer storm floods three arroyos
in Álamos with mountain runoff.

The rainy season arrives on a cannonade of lightning as surrounding
hills turn to jungle and children of all ages, cooled and cleansed
by spirited showers, dance on glistening streets…
Summer is the rainy season. Occasional tropical storms, remnant of hurricanes,
come in from the Sea of Cortez to the west. This is the morning after a
storm hit the region hard the previous evening. To see more of the rainy
season visit Summer videos.

Neighboring towns come to Álamos in the spring and
celebrate their Indian Heritage.

Indian Day comes to Alamos in the Spring. Villagers from around the Álamos
region come by bus to the Alameda and celebrate their native culture.
Dancers, musicians and exhibits fill the business center with color,
motion and music. Nacion Mayo and Nacion Popagayo are some of the regional
dancers, musicians and exhibits competing in front of a panel of judges.
To see more of the dry season visit Spring videos.

Álamos, Sonora, Mexico as seen through a series of slideshows with photos
and editing by Anders Tomlinson. These are an up-close and personal
look at the passage of days, nights, seasons and years. Music from
“Camino Songs” by SonicAtomics. To see Álamos via moving photos in color
with sound visit Alamos slideshows.

headline for spring 2017 videos of Álamos, Sonora, Mexico.

The 2017 Álamos Sonic Expedition visited Álamos, Sonora, México between February 23
and March 6, 2017. This scene includes time-lapse of receding shadows across the Álamos
valley as seen from the Mirador. Video and editing by Anders Tomlinson. Music by
SonicAtomics/Dig Brothers under the direction of Denver Clay.

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If one wishes one may watch all of the videos in the above chapters on one page, one scroll.
Visit Alamos videos. Enjoy…

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