Los Tianguis

52… Thoughts from an anonymous source, photos by Anders….

I have always enjoyed creative collaboration. One of my goals is to edit and design a book – DVD intermixing my photographs, and videos, with words from people who know Alamos well. The followingly thoughts were given to me by in 2003 by Kit Nuzum as I was beginning to edit video from Spring and Summer of 1996. I think someone else wrote these words with, or for Kit, possibly Liliana Carosso. For the time being we will credit the famous Anonymous.

Los tianguis, open air market held on sunday mornings in Arroyo La Aduana.  Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  photo by Anders Tomlinson.

Sunday morning is colorful outdoor market time in Arroyo La Aduana.

The Tianguis, a Sunday open air market where for four dollars we acquired six tomatoes that smell vine ripened, five avocados in appropriate stages of ripeness for a week’s worth of guacamole, two dozen unwashed ranch eggs, half a kilo of excellent Chihuahua cheese, three bedding plants and the pleasant aftertaste of breakfast at the best fish taco stand in Sonora…

Produce stall at open air Sunday market, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.

Discerning eyes, aware of quality and bargains, shop for produce.

Like the blast of ranchero music from the adjacent CD stand accompanying purchases at our favorite produce stall, the gentle generosity of the Mexican psyche makes us love marketing and Mexico itself…

Indian woman in open air market, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

A proud face made beautiful by life's challenges and aging wisdom.

My notebook indicate that this woman’s name is Alejandico Lopez. I would be so happy if these notes were right. And now back to Anonymous…

Learning to be quick of hand when the Mexican housewives crowd in ahead of you and plop their purchases on the scale while you patiently stand aside, they know you are a gringo. You wear silver not gold, white women wear men’s hats, so you extend an extra effort to be courteous. Never mind, just get these potatoes on the scale, that cilantro looks nice…

They come from all over the region with things to buy and sell.
Sunday, north of Arroyo La Aduana, there is an open-air market filled with people and music. Meals, snacks, produce, clothing, toys, tires, bikes, tools and what ever folks bring to sale fill out both sides of a colorful promenade. It is a wonderful place to shop and meet neighbors, family and friends, new and old. These market scenes were filmed during Christmas, 1993. Video…

What better place to be on a beautiful Spring Sunday morning.
There are many places to be on an Alamos Sunday. One is the open marketplace los Tianguis. merchants arrive early to setup their wares. The morning starts calm as customers begin to arrive. Soon the breezes have arrived. Cottonwood leaves rattle in the wind. Music floats from booth to booth. Children laugh and adults barter. For many this is an important shopping trip for others its is reason to be out, see and be seen.

Together they are a community, one for all, all for one.
Brisk Spring winds continue on through the late morning at los Tianguis in Arroyo Aduana.
This is small town Mexico. Family, friends, eating, shopping, and catching up with those one hasn’t seen in awhile: months, weeks or maybe an hour ago.

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