Adobe Bricks

02… Rainbow of earth tones spread across bare ground dry under warm blue sky…

Hard work is no stranger to Alamos. For some, proudly, it is their lifetime.

On the way to the airport one passes an adobe brick factory quietly at work. In the background dogs bark, birds sing, children flying kites laugh, and a bus rumbles by on its way to San Bernardo. The bricks are made four at a time with wooden forms. These humble bricks, made of local soil, will be used to build dreams, simple and majestic, across Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

With simple tools these men of dirt dirt create basic elements of shelter.

A special time in a special place for people who feel special.
This is the introduction to a film that was shot over the 1993 winter holidays in Alamos. This is a glorious season for the town. We start out at the airport and head east into town and visit the Alameda lined with stores and professional offices. Video…

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