Alameda Traffic

04… Tight traffic when you are the only bus in town…

This is from my first trip to Alamos, Spring of 1983. Journey on the History Bus.

The commercial center of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, the Alameda, was laid out in 1769 and it has been busy ever since, some decades more than others. Today, it is bustling with activity. The bus station is the transportation hub for surrounding towns and ranches. On a couple of visits I took a bus from Tiajuana to Navajoa, hiked a couple of blocks to catch a bus to Alamos, and then strolled across the plaza for a taxi to take me and my equipment to awaiting lodging. These journeys, averaging 22 to 24 hours, made for some interesting days in my life. I found it easy to write in air conditioned comfort as Sonoran desert passed by.

It all begins and ends in the Working Center of Town.
The Alameda, center of activity, transportation hub, bars, offices, shops, gas station and markets … This is Mexico working, traveling and playing. Boom boxes serenade food carts and shoe shines. Video…

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