Alamos Trains and Jumping Beans

03… Days of iron horses, fire, smoke and clouds of steam…

There was a day that trains to Navajoa traveled atop this tunnel.

In 1904 rail lines would be extended south of Guaymas, reaching Navajoa in May of 1907. 1908 was the year the railroad reached Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. And then things came and left, in 1931 railroad service between Navajoa and Alamos was discontinued because there wasn’t enough ore to justify the cost of shipping by rail. If one listens closely the faint cry of a ghost train whistle can be heard echoing off the surrounding hills. Mining has returned to the region since Anders last visited, has the train?

Alamos is home to the jumping bean along with elements that touch all the senses.
This video features the jumping bean, a drive into town from the west, and several cameos: church bell ringing, closeup of flood waters, timelapse of clouds passing in front of Mt. Alamos, and a street puddle at night reflecting shimmering light. Video…

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