Alamos Youth Choir

05… These young spirited voices are heard in church, homes and streets…

Practice, practice, practice - their harmonies transcend the moment and beyond.

During the week these young singers practiced in a house on Calle Commercio. The church and police station, in opposite directions, were a couple of doors away. The words and voices reverberated throughout the youth choir’s practice room and floated out for all to hear. Many pedestrians and bike riders stopped to listen. From a distance, the mix of birds, dogs, people, automobiles and heavenly choir created an urban opera in a rural setting. My notes indicate that Elvia B. Hurtado Figueroa, Lourdes Acuna, Magdalena Acuna, Jesus Acuna and Virginia Salido Antelo(?) may be some of the subjects in this photo.

On the church steps they learn together as a team, and one can hear it as they sing.

The Streets of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico become Another Time in Another Place.
Easter week in Alamos is a special Spirit. Viernas de los Delores is celebrated on Good Friday. Decorated altars are displayed in windows and doorways throughout town. In the evening people stroll the streets viewing these commemorations of Christ”s suffering. In this segment we join a reenactment of the Crucifixion through the streets of Alamos to Guadalupe Hill. Video…

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