Middle school and Independence

01… Secondary School morning recess on a late 1997 Spring day

Summer approaches, soon the mountain and surrounding hills will turn green.

What better place to start than with the children of Alamos. Escuela Paulita Verjan, grades 7 through 10, sits on the site that was the Alamos mint from 1864 -1869. This photo opportunity was assisted by the young man waving at the camera in the foreground. His english was flawless. He would impress anyone who saw him interacting with peers and adults around town, working the front desk at the Hotel Los Portales and speaking with passion in front of a huge crowd on Independence Day in the Plaza.

Independence day celebration in the Plaza, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.

This is the day the young man spoke clearly to his community.

In the hearts of many, Alamos is the center of the universe.
Independence day starts early in the morning with a municipal parade through the town’s colonial center. Alamos school kids, the first high school in the Californias started here, and the entire city government take part. In 2010 the students added their own uniformed marching band to the parade. From children to government, Alamos continues. Video…

Anders is in search of names and, if possible, updates.

Who is this young man, where he is today and what he is doing?

Anders has several notebooks that people signed their names after they were photographed. Most likely this young man’s autograph is in one of these books. One of this Alamos Journal’s goal is to marry signatures with faces.

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