Bishop Reyes Cathedral Materials

18 … It is all in the details, it is all in the material, it is all in the intent…

plate in bishop reyes cathedral, Alamos, sonora, mexico.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.

Welcome to Bishop Reyes Cathedral. Think of the scenes it has witnessed.

Ladies from the wealthy homes of Álamos were asked to contribute one of their fine china to decorate the nearly completed cathedral. These plates once sat on elegant dining tables and then they were volunteered to be hung outdoors and exposed to the elements for now over 200 years. Talk about culture shock. A lucky few remain in place.

Cathedral bullet holes, Alamos, Sonora, mexico.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.

Here the law of equal and opposite reactions is clearly evident, etched in time..

Who fired these bullets? Was it Spanish soldiers, Federalists, Centralists, Mexican colonists, Imperialists, Yaquis, Apaches, Centralists, Conservatives, Liberals, French troops, Independents, Mayos, Reformists, Highway Men, Villistas or local teenagers having target practice? The wealth of Álamos was targeted by every political movement to finance their causes. Álamos was the place to plunder. Álamos, Sonora, Mexico has seen the best and worst of human nature.

Bishop Reyes Cathedral detail, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  Photo by Anders Tomlinson.

Strong sun highlights fervent beliefs as shadows dance across chiseled features.

Official records indicate that work on the church began in 1786. Álamos elected three town folk to supervise work and manage the budget. The church was finished in 1803. Today, as it always has, a cathedral bell announces the hour and half-hours and masses. Time marches on one bell peel after another, one year after another, one century after another.

Catheral clock in alamso, sonora, mexico.  photo by anders tomlinson.

Does it matter if the Cathedral clock is slow or fast?

This is Álamos, Sonora, Mexico time. All things being equal, and relative, it is still a manmade clock marking the passage of time. Granted it maybe a singular time on this planet. But in the big scope of things life moves on to whatever clock life chooses to heed.

Bishop Reyes Cathedral

Bishop Reyes’ Cathedral takes up the entire southern side of the Plaza de las Armas. Its three tiered belfry towers above town and touches low passing clouds. Along with multiple daily services the church is also a religious classroom. Religion speaks of yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. It speaks of better days and better places. Religious followers are asked to endure and conceptually, eventually, benefit from their days of survival and struggle on this small planet.
Photos and editing by Anders Tomlinson. Music from “Camino Songs” by SonicAtomics.

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