Ode to the Sierra Madre Occidentals

54… Past, Present and Future come together effortlessly ….

Looking east at the Sierra Madre, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. Photos by Anders Tomlinson.

The sun has risen from behind these relentless ridges, the silence is deafening.

There is a feeling when one stands on the edge of civilizations and looks out
into the wilderness. One realizes how small they are in the scope of things
and free knowing there are still places where only adventurers people go.

Anders wrote the following thoughts during the first days of of his first
visit to Álamos – it was late March of 1983 and the view was timeless.

poem by Anders Tomlinson about Álamos, Sonora, México in both Spanish and English.  Spanish translation by Mariah Swickard

Written by Anders in the first days of his Álamos visit in 1983

Think of the creatures that live where few humans have gone. Feel the winds
that come and go season by season – hot in late Spring and Summer and cool
in the fall and winter. Listen to crickets’ heartbeats, parrot gangs in colorful
congress, four-legged mammals howling, barking, moaning, groaning and baying.

looking east from Álamos, Sonora, México at sunrise. Photo by Anders Tomlinson, 2017.

Another day makes a grand entrance for the few that are up and about.

There are more lights on the valley floor just east of the Mirador. The blue water pipe
is still there and new power lines disappear behind nearby hills. The eastern horizon
is the same: no lights ridge after ridge.

looking east from Álamos, Sonora, México at sunrise

It is 2017 and faraway there are no man made lights.

And now, here is a scene from Good Morning Álamos, Sonora, México as read by
Bruce Miles with motion control movement through selected 35 mm slides. Enjoy.

Here is something special

Otro Dia is a look at Álamos, Sonora, Mexico through the writing and photographs
of Anders Tomlinson. The photographs were taken between 1983 and 1996.
Bruce Miles narrates and music is by Estudiantina de Álamos, Denver Clay
and Sonic Atomics. Additional photography Gary Ruble. Edited by Anders Tomlinson.
©2017 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

View from Above

Mt. Alamos is some 6,500 feet above sea level. It towers 5,000 feet
above the town of Alamos. It is another world, wild parrots, dry
tropical forest, granite and… Up and down is a day’s effort, it is
well worth it. To reach the top it is recommended to start hiking
early while it is still dark and cool.

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Rango Madre

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©2013-17 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

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