Below is an example of another option that adds a second shoulder holster. Having two DSLRs allows Anders to respond quicker to any opportunity with a wider range of lenses without stopping to exchange a lens, which always raises a dust issue with both camera and lenses.

Just think what Anders could do with this gear below in his hands.

Adding a shoulder holster adds another DSLR system.

Adding a shoulder holster adds another DSLR system.

Manifest: Canon Powershot 350, GoPro Hero Silver 4, Canon 60D, Canon 20D, all of which have a battery charger, backup battery, backup data card, 3 mini-tripods, suction cup, Canon 100-400mm L, Sigma 14mm, Canon 18-135mm, Shutterboss v2, and Speedlite 550EX flash. Audio equipment includes a Tascam DR-60D audio recorder, Audio Technica AT8024 shotgun/stereo and Audio Technica AT2022 stereo. Other support gear includes a USB charger, card reader, 2 storage 128 gig flash drives, earbuds and 2 mini-flashlights.

Using a larger photo day backpack increases audio options.

A little bit bigger, a little more comprehensive.

A little bit bigger, a little more comprehensive.

This combination expands audio recording options by adding a Shure YPE wireless mic and transmitter/receiver, Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic and a couple of xlr cords and adapters. There is only so much one person can do but these additional audio tools would be used by the 2017 Álamos Sonic Expedition. After all this project is named the 2017 Álamos Sonic Expedition.

Typical Anders audio-visual expeditions.

Anders Tomlinson photographing the Klamath River near the Oregon border.  2008.  Photos by Jeff Ritter

An early Fall stroll along the Klamath River. Photos: Jeff Ritter

Anders has alway needed back packs, holsters and bags that allow him to carry equipment to places where only feet will go. This Lowepro was the largest photo backpack that was on the market in 2003. It can carry an amazing amount of gear in relative comfort.

Anders Tomlinson photogra  Eos 1-V and a Canon 400mm 2.8 lens.

Anders using a big lens to capture Tule Lake Basin wildlife. Photo: Jeff Ritter

The Canon 400mm 2.8 lens is a wonderful set of glass and precision. In this photo Anders has added a Canon 2x extender that makes the lens a 800mm 5.6. The Canon EOS-1v is one of Anders’ favorite 35mm cameras. On this day Anders was using Fuji Velvia asa 50 film. Anders, lens, camera and film, all together, make a hard working team. Anders often refers to the Canon 400mm 2.8 as being his poetic lens. Behind and to the left of Anders is the Peninsula also known as Castle Rock. Here is where the Tule Lake Internment-Segregation Center was during World War II. At this moment Anders is focused on waterfowl seeking food and sanctuary in a “Walking Wetlands” farm field that is flooded for three years and then returned to productive farmland.

Anders Tomlinso with truck and camera-audio gear.  Along with Marc Gould and Denver Clay

Now we are talking ready for anything with everything. Photo Gary Ruble

This was the truck that Anders used to document the Upper Klamath Basin, Klamath and Trinity Rivers. This is a large landscape and equally large political story of natural resource management, or the lack of it, and misconceptions created by trying to find easy answers for complex situations. All of the gear shown played an important role in gathering Upper Klamath Basin images, video and sounds. Many people assisted Anders’ efforts.

Anders Tomlinson with cameras in the Tule Lake Basin.  Photo by Jeff Ritter.  2006

Video and still cameras working together with Anders. Photo: Pam Lehto

The gear that Anders is bringing for the 2017 Álamos Sonic Expedition will do a good job of capturing five days in the life of Álamos. Does he wish he could more equipment? Of course he does. But he will do the best with what he has. The bottomline is always subjects, conditions and light are the magic. Anders takes what he is given and tries to be in the right place at the right time and be in focus and properly exposed. Viva Álamos, Sonora, Mexico.

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