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Alamos today, recent photos by alamos photographers.

Much as changed in the world since 1997. Modern times effect today and lay tomorrow’s foundations. This section is for those who call Alamos, Sonora, Mexico home to share their photos of Alamos today. Their contributions are greatly appreciated.

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an old mill site just a block from the Hacienda.  Horses take care of the mowing.  The photo was taken from the city street with the graceful 'Marrs (Candy family) mansion' in back of the photographer.  It was restored by them in the 50's, built by an 18th century silver baron and ironically, now owned again by the owner of the huge new silver mine which produces more than 100 million annually.   They are from B.C., Canada.     casa de los santos, alamos, sonora, mexico.  photo jim swickard.
Three Photos, Three Moments The hurricane is missing us by more than two hundred miles, however we are hoping for some rain.  It’s the pre-monsoon season here and a little overcast today which I prefer for walking Cholula our ‘Puggle’.  Election day in Mexico, with the required ‘dry’ weekend, so the village is uncannily quiet, however they will make up for it next weekend… Jim Swickard
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alamos sonora mexico gas station photos by humberto enriquez
small photo of old gas station on the alameda in alamos, sonora, mexico.  2014, photo by humberto enríquez
The Old Gas StationIn Alamos the gas station of Jesus Salido in the center of the town is the traditional gas station that has been serving for many years Alamos residents, tourists and anybody who have a car, motorcycle, truck or bus. One person said if you watch the peoples coming and going at the gas station you learns much about what makes Alamos go, that is true and the Alamos activities, over the years don’t change much – Humberto
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april 3-6, 2014 alamos film festival header
small photo of alamos film festival. april 6, 2014 in placio. alamos sonora mexico
It’s Movietime!This photo is from the closing ceremony at the Palacio.  The theme of the festival was “100 years of Maria Felix” and Miguel Castillo is singing “Maria Bonita” with Maria Felix’s eyes projected onto the screen behind him.  After he finished singing we played the movie “Yerba Mala” which was filmed in Alamos two years ago. There were 700 seats filled in the Palacio for the closing ceremony… John Sheedy, festival director
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photos by Humberto Enríquez.  alamos, sonora, mexico"
bee an alamos flower, alamos, sonora, mexico, 2014 photo by humberto enríquez
A Garden MomentWithout bees we be carniboros possibly because we wouldn’t have plants and trees giving us fruits and vegetables. The flower that the bee is working is the azahar flower, the azahar flower is the name for the flowers of the citric trees like lemon or Orange ( in this case a lemon tree). Overall is used like medicine, its soothing effects help eliminate discomfort caused by nerves. It is used as a traditional remedy against fainting. – Humberto. To see more Humberto Enríquez Photos
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