2017 Álamos videos

Anders Tomlinson arrived in Álamos, Sonora, México on February 22 and left
on March 7, 2017. His goal was to document life in Álamos since his last
visit 21 years earlier with a focus on audio recording and time-lapse studies.
You can learn more about this media excursion by visiting the whirlwind
2017 Álamos Sonic Expedition. A fine time was had by all.

If you stare at a cloud long enough it will disappear

Álamos Skies looks at Álamos, Sonora, México in time-lapse from three
different hills and on the ground at the Plaza and Tianguis. Blue skies
have clouds come and go and returns to an eternal blue sky.

Everyday is History in this Living Tapestry

This is the first of many “Moments in Álamos” videos from Álamos, Sonora, Mexico
between February 24 and March 5, 2017 by Anders Tomlinson. These are small
moments in the living tapestry that is “everyday is history” Included scenes
are a police man directing traffic in the Alameda, a small family heading into
downtown, traffic and kicking a bottle in the Alameda, an art reception at the
Museo Costumbrista de Sonora,teenagers singing outside the Centro Comunitaro
Nelita Bours and Bishop Reyes Cathedral, and quiet nights scenes in
the “Kissing Alley” and the Alameda.

A Spring morning on El Mirador

This is Álamos, Sonora, México as seen from the Mirador lookout on the morning of
February 24, 2017. This photo by Anders Tomlinson if printed at full size would
be nearly 15 feet wide. Music by Denver Clay. Ambient recording and mixing by
SonicAtomics. Video editing by Anders Tomlinson.

Art reception at the Museo

On March 4 2017, an art reception was held at the Museo Costumbrista de Sonora,
in Álamos, Sonora, México for the “Exposición Cine mexicano” in collaboration with
the upcoming Álamos International Film Festival. The event also was held with the
coordination of Municipal Culture of Cajeme and Association for the Fine Arts.The
speaker we hear is Sergio Inzunza, Director of Education y Cultura de Cd. Obregon.

Centro Álamos en la Noche

Antonio Figueroa takes Anders Tomlinson on a car ride from the
Hacienda de los Santos to the Alameda, Álamos, Sonora, México.
It is around 9:30 P.M, March 4, 2017.

A brief visit to the Plaza

An afternoon in the Plaza de los Armas in Álamos, Sonora,México. The video starts
in the late morning on a hill overlooking Álamos from the nort directly across from
the Mirador to the south. Scenes include a bicycle rally that began in the Plaza,
young kids coloring, a tour bus and a child being pushed across the plaza.

From garden to table

Morning in the campo on March 1, 2017 with Antonio y Teresita at their ranch a
couple of miles east of Álamos, Sonora, México. Food is gathered in their garden
and feed to the goats and cows – a fine example of “from farm to table.” Music is
by Antonio Figueroa and possibly his brother at the ranch. Video by Anders
Tomlinson and Antonio Figueroa. ©2017 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.

Conga line at Hacienda de los Santos

Another Álamos moment, conga line, from early March 2017: 100 seconds with
the Estudiantina de Álamos performing at the Hacienda de los Santos in
Álamos, Sonora, México as a busload of tourists from Arizona join a conga
line. Estudiantina de Álamos is one of many cultural programs under the
guidance of the Museo Costumbrista de Sonora. The tourist group delivered
beautiful new acoustic guitars to the Estudiantina on this evening. Viva
Música! Viva togetherness! Video by Anders Tomlinson.

A family thats works together

It is March 1, 2017 on Antonio and Teresita’s ranch a couple of miles
east of Álamos, Sonora, México. They are busy working in the yard,
watering, weeding and building new beds for plants and vegetables and
discussing the day’s coming events. The scene shifts to the kitchen
with Teresita making tortillas on a wood burning stove. Video by
Anders Tomlinson and Antonio Figueroa. Music by Antonio and his
brothers. Editing By Anders Tomlinson.

Álamos Alameda Night Ride

A drive at night through the business and transportation
center Alameda in Álamos, Sonora, México. Antonio Figueroa
gives Anders Tomlinson a ride in his car on March 4, 2017.

Sunday night in the Alameda

It is March 5, 2017, a warm Sunday night, in the
business/transportation center of Álamos, Sonora. México.
The Alameda is busy with local friends and families
promenading around the plaza on foot, bicycles, motorbikes,
cars and trucks.

Yoreme Al-Leiya in Álamos

Februrary 26, 2017 Yoreme Al-Leiya, which means “cheerful Indian,” traveled
from nearby Navajoa, Sonora to perform at the Hacienda de los Santos in Álamos,
Sonora, México. Anders Tomlinson had the privilege of documenting this colorful
evening of dance, music, costumes and theatrical lighting. A wonderful time
was had by all.

Sunday morning in the arroyo

This time-lapse studies a March 5, 2017 warm going on hot Sunday morning
Tianguis outdoor market in Álamos, Sonora, Mexico. If one needs something
there is a good chance it can be found here along with family and friends
out and about shopping. When Anders last visited in 1996 the Tianguis was
on dirt and now it is paved with decorative benches and rock infrastructure.
And is much is the same: people shopping, mingling, talking, laughing,
eating and music… Video and editing by Anders Tomlinson.

Up, over and around Loma Guadalupe

It is Friday February 25, 2017 – 10:30 A.M in Álamos, Sonora, México.
This car trip travels up Calle Chihuahua and turns onto Calle Galeana.
Rigoberto Grajeda Grajeda is driving the Casa Serena Vista’s car.

An afternoon in a La Capilla garden

On March 6, 2017 we visited a children’ garden at Lázaro Cárdenas del Río
in La Capilla, Álamos, Sonora, México, an Escuela Primaria Urbana Federalizada.
Jose R Nevarez, Trini, is the teacher and Roger Lewis, a local U.S. resident
who was very helpful at the start of this garden project. We were told it
is called the “Garden Abundancia” and we saw and heard
great exuberance
for gall things growing.

Another beautiful Álamos day

Rigoberto Grajeda Grajeda gives Anders Tomlinson a ride across
Centro Álamos, Sonora, México around 11 A.M. on February 25,
2017. The car he was driving was provided by Casa Serena Vista
where Rigo works as a driver, cook and gardener.

Saturday afternoon in Plaza de las Armas

It is a cloudy Saturday early March afternoon in Álamos, Sonora, Mexico.
Tourists are out and about walking and riding tour vehicles. And as the
old adage goes “if you stare at a cloud enough it will disappear” the plaza
becomes bathed in full sunshine. Soundtrack by Denver Clay and SonicAtomics.

The sun rises and the shadows shorten

The 2017 Álamos Sonic Expedition visited Álamos, Sonora, México between February 23
and March 6, 2017. This scene includes time-lapse of receding shadows across the Álamos
valley as seen from the Mirador. Video and editing by Anders Tomlinson. Music by
SonicAtomics/Dig Brothers under the direction of Denver Clay.

A morning drive on an old old street

This is a drive starting in Plaza de los Armas along Calle Benito Juárez to Calle
Chihuahua in Álamos, Sonora, México on a sunny February 25, 2017, 10:15 A.M.
Rigoberto Grajeda Grajeda is driving. Video by Anders Tomlinson.
Music by Denver Clay, Soundtrack by SonicAtomics.

2017 Álamos Sonic Expedition

Anders Tomlinson arrived in Álamos, Sonora, Mexico on February 22 and
departed on March 6, 2017. Antonio Figueroa, an Álamos photographer
and friend from previous Anders visits 21 years earlier spent three days
with Anders and helped document life in Álamos with video, photos and
audio recordings. This video are photos by Antonio Figueroa edited by
Anders Tomlinson. Soundtrack by Denver Clay and SonicAtomics.

A special place in Álamos

Hacienda de los Santos in Álamos, Sonora, México is a special place
in a special town in a special landscape. It was originally built
for a wealthy silver baron in the 17th century. Photos and video
editing by Anders Tomlinson. Music is Los Hacendados performing
“Chan Chan” by Compay Segundo.

©2017 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved